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06 May 2005

And now, for today's Random Thought™

Hmm. As the insurgencywave of terrorism seems to be in high gear this week, it got me thinking.

Maybe... this could be a valuable lesson for America.

I believe that one of the many things Americans learned from 9/11 is that evil is out there. Now, that's a whole different issue- first of all, I already knew that, and so did most rational Americans. Secondly, a great deal of Americans who learned that lesson in September '01 have obviously since forgotten it. But it was quite a wake-up call for mainstream America.

A lot of the people who are against the war, or maybe riding the fence, are doubtless the same people who think Israel is this big mean bully that likes to kill innocent Arabs. As anyone with common sense and a little knowledge of Middle Eastern history can tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Israel has been a nation for 57 years now. In that time they have suffered through three all-out invasions. At least three times they have been in a life-or-death struggle for independence. In between, there have been smaller conflicts, and of course, nearly continuous terrorist strikes.

Most Americans think the War on Terror began on 9/11. Incorrect. That is when the war was declared, by us- or maybe that's when we finally woke up and realized that the terrorists had been at war with us for decades. The USS Cole. The African embassies. The WTC bombing. Beirut. Khobar Towers. Mogadishu. Hundreds and hundreds of Americans had been killed to terrorism before 9/11- and in the feel-good era of the Clintonian '90s, they were screamed about on news networks for whole days. Days, I tell ya!

Well, all but the most insane of moonbats can now see that there are in fact terrorists out there who intend to do us harm. And they realize that, like it or not, we are at war. Against an enemy which mostly operates through single acts of bombing- whether done by suicide vests, car bombs, or IEDs. A whole lot of single acts of bombing, yes, but they are using the only feasible method remaining to them.

This brand of terrorism is nothing new. Not in the slightest. It may be new to a lot of Americans, but only if they haven't been paying attention. Arab Muslim terrorists have been using these techniques against Israeli soldiers and civilians for decades. Just like they do today, against the U.S. military and Iraqis trying to rebuild their country- it's the only method they have.

I don't think anyone saw the insurgencyterrorist uprising coming. We figured, take out Saddam, defeat his army, and do a little cleanup. Now, for all those that think democracies can just happen overnight- go back to your history books, it took the United States thirteen years. But nobody foresaw Paleswinian-style terrorism on a major scale.

So what I was thinking was this: Maybe- just maybe- if Americans who don't understand why Israel is constantly blowing up and shooting Palestinians, they should consider this scenario: American forces, still in Iraq, dealing with the same enemy. In 2060. That's 57 years after we moved into Iraq. How much patience do you think we'd have at that point?

Or how about this. The terror bombings we see daily on TV, here at home. Not just one isolated (horrible, yes- massive, yes- four planes, yes- but still just one) incident. Bombings every day. Your local police department, blown up. Your grocery store, blown up. The train you take to get to work, blown up. The car in front of you on the highway, blown up.

Would you be comfortable living in perpetual fear, never knowing if the place you happened to have the bad luck of being at was the next target? Nowhere, anywhere, ever finding safety? Not your home, not your car, not your job, not your church, not any place you choose to enjoy a little R&R? Movie theaters, sports arenas, restaurants, bars, anywhere?

D'ya think maybe then we'd get the hint?

People think the War on Terror started for America on September 11. Well, it started for the Israelis the day they became a country- and it hasn't stopped yet.

And now, it's time to get to The Point™. I realize that probably nobody who reads this blog has moonbattish or pro-Palestinian thoughts on Israel. But if you do, consider that awful possibility- that what they go through every day by virtue of being stuck in the Middle East could come here one day. Maybe just as 9/11 taught us that we're in a new world with new rules, the insurgencybunch of morons with too much access to explosives can teach us to be a little nicer to Israel.

This concludes SITYSK's™ Whirlwind Of High Praise For Countries
That Don't Piss Us Off. (See previous post.)

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.


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