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16 May 2005

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Final!!!

(cue triumphal music)

And the secret we've all been waiting for is...

SITYSK™ has moved!

Oh, yeah!

The BlogFather, CD, recently extended a saving hand to this poor downtrodden victim of the Bloggmonster. He ushered me into the Great and Wonderful land of Munuviana. After Pixy Misa issued me my green card to enter the world of MuNu, and Jim set me up with me new blog, I set about making it look the way I want.

And then for a while I worked on getting it how I wanted it.

And then I spent a little more time making it the way I want it to be.


...you get the hint. Get it? Hint? This is the cause of all the hints of late- they were leading you to the New and Improved SITYSK™- sitysk.mu.nu.


Sorry, I'm just a bit excited. I'm a Munuvian! Woohoo! So. All you Loyal Readers™- that's where I'll be. All the Alliance members- got some new digs. All the people that keep coming here to read my rants on Anna Ayala- there'll be more over there. And that girl(s?) that keeps Googling things like "how to tell if a guy is into you"- uh, I think you're missing the point of this blog, but hey! I'll take all kinds. Over there.

Go. Read now. Me happy.

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Fifth

This should be the last hint. The Project™ is just about done... (seriously, this time...)

The hint goes like so:

The only thing I really have left to do is move over all the entries from the blog you're reading now.

There. No more hints! Ever! MUAH HA HAA!!!

If all continues to go well, I'll be able to make the announcement by this evening.

UPDATE: Um... did ya miss it? Scroll up.

Newsweek is dumb.

Well, I s'pose I oughta chime in on this latest insanity that's captured the Hearts And Minds™ of the right side of the blogosphere. I don't intend to repeat what everyone else is saying, 'cuz I pretty much agree with them, but look. They keep saying they ran their questions past some unnamed member of SOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command, of which I happen to be a member). And that person didn't say anything.


Silence isn't compliance, morons. Not with something like this. If you came up to me and asked me some crap about Korans being flushed down the toilet (or anything else I'm clueless about), you're gonna get- and I quote: "No comment." If you don't leave me alone, you might get something like "Git outta my face, silly media ape," depending on what kind of day I'm having.

Would any sane person anywhere take that to mean that I have witnessed first-hand, or maybe even participated in, flushing Korans down the toilet?


(whispering)- we'll give the Media Apes a few more seconds to scratch their heads and grunt.

Answer: No. No, it wouldn't. Not at all. Morons.

Thatisall. (For now.)

UPDATE: Aww, how sweet. They've retracted the story.

Not good enough. Not any more. Let's see you out the idiots that wrote and published it. Then maybe you'll seem like you're sincere.

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Fourth

This morning's hint:

So far it's mostly shades of gray, with some blue thrown in. But that's 'cuz I'm not very artistic- that color scheme might not survive the final cut.

(cue theme from Jeopardy)

15 May 2005

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Third

No hints right now. Too stinkin' tired to think of any.

(read: if I really work my butt off today, I can tell you about it before we run out of weekend.)
Well, I didn't work quite hard enough, I guess. I swear, it's getting close. Been rewriting HTML like I ain't got no sense.

Hmm- maybe that could pass as the third hint. Me tired. Me sleep now.

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Second

Ooh! Ooh! Second hint!


The wonderful secret is almost ready to be revealed!
(read: if I really work my butt off today, I can tell you about it
before we run out of weekend.)

Really Big Neat Happenings™

It's time for your first hint!


That's it. No more hints.

...for now.

14 May 2005

Don't fret...

If things start looking really weird, I'm just messing around with stuff in preparation for the Really Big Neat Happenings™ that are occuring here this weekend. Stay tuned.

No hints yet!!!

UPDATE: The weirdness never really materialized, except for about five minutes this afternoon. But the Really Big Neat Happenings™ are underway...

13 May 2005


...almost... ...the... ...weekend...


i think i can, i think i can, i think i can...


Can ya tell I'm freakin' wore out? Doggoneit, I needed to save some bloggy energy for tomorrow! Major happenings in the World of SITYSK™!


HA! Busted! You horrible lying wench!

Just go read it. I knew she was lying.

More later, maybe. I'm busy reveling in the fact that her lies are catching up with her.

(What the heck is he talking about?)

UPDATE: Holy crap, a lot of people are finding SITYSK™ from searches for Anna Ayala. (Still get a few for Anna Alaya too- same lady, believe it or not.)

Well, y'all, you will find that I have no respect whatsoever for that lady, but feel free to peruse th' ol' blog for rants on other stupid people, too. I don't just dislike Anna Ayala- I'm also openly biased against Jennifer Wilbanks, Idiotic Liberals, Mikey the Moore-on, Evil Terrorists, MS-13, Commie Dirtbags, and most of Europe. Feel the love.

Oh, there's people I like- it's just not as fun to write about them. Heh.


Running six miles in the burnin' Central American sun is bad for you.

Well, I'm sure people will disagree with that. But this is my blog, where my insignificant, flawed opinions reign supreme. HA!

12 May 2005

Three quick thoughts

Things are happening in the world today. I must throw in my 2¢. Wait, does it make it 6¢, since I'm doing it three times? Wouldya settle for a nickel?

Anyway. Thing #1:

Tow trucks won't obey the stupid new Chrysler policy. (Y'know, this policy here?)

Good on them. I think that's friggin' hilarious.

Thing #2:

The cops in Australia have to deal with the same insane people we have here.

Man, she's lucky. If I was a cop and somebody- anybody- kicked and/or bit my partner, the first thing I would do is come across their face with my nightstick. Then I'd pull the gun and arrest them.

Argh. Sometimes I really hate people.

Hat tips on both: Fark

Thing #3: Just wanna send support and appreciation to my brothers-in-arms layin' the smackdown over there in western Iraq. Kill 'em all, fellas, and let God sort 'em out.

Things, they are a'changin', here at good ol' SITYSK™

Hey everybody-

Not a lot of time for blogging yesterday. Or today. And tomorrow doesn't look real good either.

However- big fun surprisy things are in store. I'll probably be able to tell ya over the weekend sometime.

'Til then, no hints.


11 May 2005


Keen. I'm the #1 Google search for "i like israel".

That makes me feel kinda special.

09 May 2005

Today's (Second) Moment of Asininity™ brought to you by:

One of the many Communist Campuses of California.

Apparently it's no longer PC enough to not want to know someone's sexual preference.


I don't really have much to add than what Steve already said. I think the weight of all that politically correctness is gonna cause Cali to tip over into the Pacific.

Um, I don't have a Second Moment of Hilarity to balance this one out. If you need some more funny, IMAO has enough to go around.

Concert! Music! Fun!

Hey, I just got an email from Angel over at aapavatar. (Oh yeah, now I know who to thank...) They've arranged a concert in support of the troops that you should check out if you're in the area (Marylandish). Should be a rockin' good time, yo.

Today's Moment of Hilarity™ brought to you by:

Fark. Scroll down a ways, you'll see the "SPIFFY" tag next to (NPR.org), which will take you to this nifty story. It's cool that NPR has taken notice of Strong Bad, but that's not the Moment of Hilarity™. The funny was in the phrase "All things fhqwhgads". That one word, fhqwhgads, causes instant laughter to emanate from my person. Why?

Why, you ask?

I see you have not been enlightened.

Well, I think it's pretty friggin' funny.

There. I have managed to offset the Moment of Asininity™ with some funny. Much better.

UPDATE: An experiment. Observe. I /

Interesting. The upper-case, italicized letter I is nearly the same as a slash. Only when they're next to each other can one tell them apart.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm filing it away under Stuff I Think I Should Know. Might come in handy one day.

Today's Moment of Asininity™ brought to you by:


I saw this nonsense this morning on CNN, but it turned up in my daily Fark sweep, so they get the link. It would appear that an automotive plant is blacklisting and punishing its employees for driving the wrong car.

Workers at DaimlerChrysler's Indiana Transmission Plant I and Plant II better allow more time to walk in from the parking lot if they drive Fords or General Motors vehicles.
Um, screw you, no. If it takes me an extra five minutes to cross the parking lot because of this crap, then I'll be five minutes late. If it's raining, my first stop after punching my time card will be the bathroom to dry off.

A new policy that takes effect Monday designates about 80 percent of employee parking spaces for Chrysler vehicles only and forces workers to park much further away if they drive a car or truck made by a competing manufacturer.
...I'm ashamed that this is coming from an American car company. I really am.

In case employees forget, there's new blue lines painted on the parking lot and signs that declare "DaimlerChrysler Parking Only" and "DaimlerChrysler Vehicle Parking."
I'm seeing vandalism waiting in the wings here. Graffiti can be fun.

Workers have been told that non-Chrysler vehicles parked in the reserved areas will be towed to Indianapolis at a cost of $200, the Kokomo Tribune reported Sunday.
Well, sure, that sounds fair. Um, wait, no.

Chrysler spokesman Edward Saenz said most Chrysler plants across the country have similar parking policies, but he did not know exactly how many. Both transmission plants have ample parking, and the new policy does not apply to vehicles with handicap plates, he said.

"It is a management initiative, but we believe it has wide support from the employees," Saenz said. "It's a local decision."
Did you check that data against the percentage of employees who don't currently own Chryslers?

Didn't think so. Bet you'll find that if 15% of your employees drive something else, then this policy will have 85% support.

The plants posted signs and painted the new lines about two weeks ago, he said. Employees began receiving non-compliance warnings last week leading up to this week's enforcement.

Nine-year employee Bill Parks considers the new policy "a form of harassment." He drives a Pontiac, made by GM.
Harassment, heck. Get this man a lawyer, wouldya?

"I think we have other issues going on in the company besides where to park your vehicle," Parks said.

He isn't disabled but has a back condition that occasionally flares up. He bought his Pontiac as a second vehicle because he didn't want to go into debt with two new Chrysler vehicles. "I tried to find a good Dodge vehicle when I was buying this one, but I couldn't find one at the time," he said.
Obviously not good enough for The Big Boss Man.

Chris Koors said he has generally parked in an isolated area to avoid damage to his Chrysler truck. Last Thursday, he found it surrounded by non-Chrysler vehicles.
See, it's even screwing over the guys that do have Chryslers!

"They need to buy what we build," Koors said, gesturing toward the non-Chrysler vehicles.

In the 1970s and early '80s, when Chrysler was experiencing layoffs, Koors said his father, also a Chrysler employee, would describe foreign-made vehicles that were flipped upside down if parked in the company's parking lot.
Hmm... being from around Detroit, I can almost understand that...

"It's not about American made or union made, it's about our company," he said. "Drive what you build if you want your company to survive."
Go stand in the corner and think about what you just said. I worked at an A&W for two years. Loved the food there- but did I feel like a traitor if I went to Burger King?

I'm sure there's a few people there that refuse to buy Chryslers for purely spiteful reasons. But I'm willing to bet that most of the people that work there that don't own a Chrysler don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Listen, idjuts. I'm from frickin' Motown, where it's all about The Big Three. My dad worked for GM for fifteen years. I grew up indoctrinated with the idea that owning a Japanese car made you less of an American. I still carry a great deal of that to this day, as narrow-minded as that can make me at times.

I consider myself to be a Ford guy. My first two cars were Escorts. (First one was an old beater that Dad found for me and I paid for, second one was a hand-me-down from him- both purchased while he was designing chassis for GM. Hmm.) When I got married and we needed a car that wasn't well-worn like my beloved Escort, me and me wife (who is a diehard Dodge girl) bought a used Chevy Monte Carlo. Are we now "Chevy people"? No. It's what we could friggin' afford.

This policy is insane and ridiculous. You want your employees to drive your cars, fine. Make a reward or some kind of incentive program for employees that buy Chryslers. But you can't punish your employees for driving something else. This is America- we have that little thing called freedom of choice.


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